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Build Distributed Multicloud Blockchain Network on Your Preferred Cloud VMs (AWS, Azure, or any other cloud environment)

hyperledger blockchain
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Deploy Blockchain components on different cloud platforms using Kubernetes and manage them all in one place through our innovative Hyperledger Fabric Enterprise Network Management Solution.

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Our Hyperledger Fabric Enterprise Network
Management Solution

Introducing FabDep – a robust, reliable Blockchain based solution that allows a consortium of organizations to securely deploy an enterprise-level Blockchain network on any hybrid multicloud using Kubernetes.

Build, Operate, Govern & Grow your Hyperledger Fabric network like never before . No vendor lock-in. Complete control over your identities. Unified operation.

Automated Deployment through Kubernetes

FabDep comes with Kubernetes cluster support, which gives you full authority to seamlessly deploy a Blockchain network on any cloud using Kubernetes (v1.11 or higher). This standout feature is exclusively designed for enterprises looking to deploy their Blockchain components, store their data, or run their workloads on their own infrastructure.

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Enhanced Authenticity through Customized CA

Another key aspect that makes FabDep so unique is its ability to allow users to create their own Certificate Authority (CA) using Hyperledger Fabric CA. FabDep auto-generates cryptographic certificates that are tied to organizations, network components, and end- users or client applications. These Blockchain-backed certificates allow authentication and communication of peers in the network.

Build and Deploy Smart Contracts in a flash

Leverage our highly scalable GUI-based Blockchain solution to effectively deploy, integrate, and manage smart contracts (chaincode) across multiple cloud environments. You can write smart contracts in various languages including JavaScript and Go Lang. FabDep empowers you to get started with smart contracts creation in a flash, speeding your path to development.

deploy hyperledger fabric
hyperledger fabric installation

Fault Tolerance through dual ordering service support

FabDep supports both Solo and Raft ordering service, giving users the freedom to choose any of the two options based on their unique project needs. No matter which ordering service you choose, you’d be provided with the power to quickly identify the potential faults in your system and resolve them quickly, efficiently and securely with minimal downtime.

Features that Best Align with Your Enterprise Needs

Jam-packed with new & exciting features, FabDep is here to help you set up a consortium of organizations to easily transact on the same network, regardless of each client’s cloud preference.

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GUI-based Network Deployment

You can auto-deploy your blockchain network to the cloud by just providing the initial network configuration through the GUI; and rest will be handled by this highly efficient, reliable tool.

build hyperledger fabric network

Total Control of your Deployments

Deploy and manage all your Blockchain components (Peer, Ordering Service, Certificate Authority) in one single console without having to rely on third parties or other vendors.

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Multi-Network Support

You can effortlessly build multiple distributed multi-cloud Blockchain networks on your preferred cloud VMs (AWS, Azure, or any other cloud platform).

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No vendor lock-in

FabDep is prudently built to allow organizations to run their systems across multiple cloud environments – without being locked in.

hyperledger deployment

Impeccable Channel management

Our intuitive Hyperledger Fabric network management tool helps you take control of all your network channels without having to rely on third-party vendors.

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Incessant Network Monitoring

You can meticulously view and monitor the status information of your Blockchain network on your selected cloud using FabDep’s Kubernetes dashboard.

hyperledger fabric deployment

Regular Network Health Checks

You can run routine automated network health checks to pre-empt roadblocks & unnecessary downtime and ensure optimal performance of your system.

smart contract hyperledger fabric

Real-time Crash Alerts

FabDep provides instant crash alerts to help protect your network from actual & potential threats or indicators of compromise.

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Auto-Update Functionality

The auto-update feature allows you to automatically upgrade your FabDep software version without having to update it manually.

These are just a handful of features offered by FabDep.
Stay tuned, as there’s a lot more to come in 2022! Reach out to us for insights.

Words from our Clients

Ever since its roll out, FabDep has received tremendous traction among the developers and enterprises immersed in the Blockchain space. Glance through some of the reviews our valued clients have left us after using our innovative tool.

Cut your operating costs and save your time and effort in deploying a distributed Blockchain network to your preferred cloud.

The Driving Force Behind FabDep

We have a team of skilled Blockchain developers, architects, and consultants who will transform your dream project into reality with their innovation.

hyperledger blockchain
Gurpreet Singh

Chief Executive Officer

hyperledger public blockchain
hyperledger ordering service
Daljit Singh

Chief Product Officer

Harry Dhillon

Director - Sales & Marketing

smart contract hyperledger
hyperledger fabric installation
Tajinder Singh

Technical Architect

Arun Salaria

Sr. Blockchain Developer

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